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Registered FEMAS Surveyor

You need a boat survey? Please let me introduce myself :

   COURT SURVEYOR for the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal

Fighting for your interest

since 2002.

As the job of Marine surveyor is not ruled in France (You need neither graduation or special training to practise this job), to our mind it’s useful to give you the following informations in order to reassure you regarding the skills and training of your surveyor.

Jean-Michel ARNAUD, 54.

Marine Surveyor in MARSEILLE – LA CIOTAT since 2002

Insurance in professional liability for this job with no interruption since 2002.

Technical training: Master of Sciences and technology, physical measurements college.

Current updating of the skills with CEEMF, our supplier of the maritime industry activity and shipyards visits.

Owner of yachts since 1995, sailing competitor and sailing all the year.

Geographical area for usal interventions: southern (extanded) France, farther if the mission justifies the travelling fees and workload.

Active member of the European river and marine expert college (CEEMF).

My reports have been accepted by each of my customer insurance company since 2002 but in order to be fully independant i’m not tied (usully mandated) to any insurance company and have clearly chosen to be a customer insured and legal marine surveyor

SURVEY MISSIONS on sailing or motor Yachts:

-Before transaction,

-Before insurance,

-Conflicting primarily of insured expert.

-Sea trials

-Specific tests

-Oil analysis, measures of humidity rate in the hull, measure of thickness on metallic hulled ship, measure of engine speed, temperatures, spare checking with metrology tools (shafts…), climbing up the mast.

-Follow up the workings

-Writing reports, in case with a process server.

In a nutshell:

You buy a ship and I’ll show you in an objective and detailed way the strength and weakness of the considered ship.

Your insurance ask you for a marine survey of your ship, they’ll appreciate my survey report including pictures of the differents parts of the boat.

Be advised that even if your insurer sends you a list of his favorite experts, my reports have been accepted by every insurance company since 2002.

Your ship has been damaged, I’ll fight for your own  sake as an insured expert.

Looking forward to help you.